A downloadable Megitsune Overcome! for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hey! This game was made during the Song Jam 2019.

There was no assigned subject, but we got a music and gotta find a theme.

Soo, the theme I choose is "Overcome". When I heard the music, the only type of game I was thinking about was bullet hell!

In Megitsune Overcome! you play a kitsune who wants to overcome the other yokai!

(Sorry if the game is hard, I'm not good at programming bullet hell ^^' it's and up with random bullets.)


Me, Andy Clausel for everything except... ↓

Maïlys Baulu, who help to make almost all the 3D model ^^' (thanks again!)

Install instructions

Unzip the file, find the kitsune mask icon with the name of the game.


MegitsuneOvercome!.rar 23 MB

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